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Hear some of what our current students are saying about VR Jiu-Jitsu. It's definitely the instruction and vibe at the academy that keeps them training with us.

Luke A.

luke agius vr jiujitsu review rolling.jpg

I've been going to VR Jiu-Jjitsu for 4 years now; it is in fact where I started my journey in this martial art. In hindsight, I couldn't have chosen a better place. At VR, the technical level and quality of the instruction is top notch - from adult to kids classes. The coaches are always eager to not only dispense advice about your own development in the art, but they literally get down on the mat to go through the details with you. Apart from this, at VR, it's all about the good vibes. The gym has a very friendly environment, which allows people to be themselves and develop at their on pace. Whether its before, during, or after the vibe never changes.

Taylor B.

VR Jiu Jitsu is a great, friendly place to train which caters for all skill sets, whether it may be fundamentals for brushing up skills, or advanced classes for broadening your skill set. At VR Jiu Jitsu you will find all different body types and sizes which has you continuously problem solving and tweaking your game to find techniques that work for you, making you a better overall jiu-jitsu athlete.

Taylor Blagrove does bow and arrow choke at VR Jiu Jitsu
alex vrjj review jiujitsu armbar.jpg

Alex C.

Van has an excellent ability to breakdown the components of BJJ techniques and explain it in a way that makes complete sense. Not only does this helps me understand why we do certain things in Jiu Jitsu, but I can also better connect other related techniques into a bigger picture.

Riki M.

I've always appreciated that Van's experience in jiu jitsu has been forged under the pressure of being a smaller person and the valuable insight about tiny adjustments that need to be made to compensate for that, but which are also useful for anybody and everybody.

riki review vrjj armbar.jpg
kavita review vr jiujitsu tournament champ.jpg

Kavita J.

I love Van's details on what makes or breaks a technique. It's really good for my complete understanding of a concept in Jiu Jitsu.

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